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Meet the cats

Here you can see the cats who are looking for sponsors.They live with  Brigid and Niki, two of the Welfare officers and become much loved members of their households.All are neutered

Josie Lilac Point Siamese
Josie came in for rehoming as she was biting.After 2 weeks she stopped biting us but everyone who came to see her for adoption was bitten quite badly so after this happened 4 times we gave up trying to find her a home.She is now indoors with Brigid-she can be a rather unpleasant bossy boots with the other cats and still hasn't stopped biting!   


Lulu  Chocolate Point Siamese
Lulu was rehomed but the original owner forgot to tell the new one that she had an accident which had resulted in a paralysed tail and some bladder problems which they found very difficult to live with so she came to us. She eventually had most of her dead tail amputated and having that done completely cured her problems.She can be a bit of a bully with the other girls .She lives in Bromley with Brigid



 Mai Seal Point Siamese            
Mai came in a year ago with Tritrichomonas Foetus,a parasite that causes dripping diarrhoea.The infection was cleared up quickly but she was left with chronic diarrhoea and it has taken the year to get her well enough to live indoors again. She is living with Brigid  3/14



Loki Oriental Black
Loki was part of a rescue where the cats were left in their home by their owner when they moved out. All the cats left had various old injuries. All of the cats have been successfully homed to loving understanding owners, however Loki had a broken eye socket which changed his eye depth and his tear draining system was damaged. He was also found to be over trusting and appears to have a degree of brain damage.  He does not read body language so everyone is his best friend This makes him a very loving boy but he is also vulnerable and does not learn from experience like other cats; He is healthy now, but is staying at Niki's to keep him in a safe environment.He has proved to be very helpful when getting nervous cats to accept human contact. He takes no notice of hissing and growling and just wants to make friends, leading by example under supervision demonstrating that Niki fussing him is enjoyable. This speeds up the process of getting the scared cats to a point when they can trust Niki so helping start their recovery process.  07/12/17


Annie Seal Point Siamese
Annie was found by the RSCPA she was used on a kitten farm as a breeding Queen and was caged. She was part of a rescue and seizure. As a result of her treatment on the farm she was terrified of people. The RSPCA tried to find a suitable home but it did not work out. She came back to their holding centre and they turned to SCCWT as experts in Siamese to help her as they classed her as unhomeable because she had learnt to defend herself by biting humans.She has taken a great deal of work to get to a stage where she is relaxed in a house. Loki has helped in getting her able to see humans as friends. She is now living on her own terms in Niki’s house as Loki’s special girl   7/12/17

Rufus Seal PointSiamese 

Rufus is one of the more difficult personalities we gained in 2019. A handsome Seal boy who for reasons unknown hates humans & dislikes other cats.  If a human is metres away he runs to attack grabs your leg and sinks his teeth in, if he is in a cat house within claw reach it is even worse.  Brigid & I have both tried to bring him round but after some blood loss (ours not his) we decided he will be happier & less dangerous running free at Old Bell House in the garden & surrounding fields, with access to heated sleeping quarters & food (neighbours have been warned not to stroke him).  He loves his freedom but still attacks occasionally given the chance! However, after a year of TLC and firm telling-off he is beginning to mellow and will sit by Niki when she is gardening, he appears to like the company.  It is still best to freeze when he approaches to sniff and rub round though, as if you move he will swipe quite accurately.  He will now allow an occasional stroke but only if he is eating Dreamies.  He divides his time between sunbathing (as in the photo) in various spots in the garden and on shed roofs and efficiently catching small rodents which he brings back as presents for the dogs.  11/04/20


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For that special occasion gift  why not give a years sponsorship of one of our cats?Just let Niki know the details when you send in your application